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Clarissa Rochelle - Voice-over artist
I just finished recording this book, and it is now available on Audible and iTunes! The Kindle and paperback versions can be purchased on Amazon as well.
Simple Guide to Raising Babies
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Simple Guide to Raising Babies
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Audiobook Samples

The Day the Crayons Came HomeClarissa Rochelle
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Comedic Children's Story

This fun recording from The Day the Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt, demonstrates a variety of character voices/accents. In this book, crayons with whimsical personalities have been lost, "mistreated," and scattered around the world and in the house of a boy named Duncan. They express how they feel through postcards. In addition to the narrator voice (American female)--voices of characters include an exuberant, dramatic female; a comedic male with somewhat of a New York accent; an upset male, straightforward tone; and a timid, cute, nasaly female voice.


Multi-character Children's Fantasy

Disney's The Nevergirls: A Dandelion Wish by Kiki Thorpe showcases a variety of character voices with a lot of back-and-forth dialogue, including: three pre-teenage girls and a little girl's voice; three fairies (Southern belle, British, and quirky nasal accents); male voice; and a cranky, old woman's voice.

The Nevergirls | A Dandelion WishClarissa Rochelle
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Teenage Romantic Drama

The New Girl by Jillian Adams is a sweet, teenage romance novel. Excerpt includes a poetic male voice, a conversation between the main character and her best friend, as well as with her mother at the end.

The New GirlClarissa Rochelle
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Personal Development for Adults

Excerpt about striving to have a cheerful attitude, from On The Bright Side: Feeling Good When Things Seem Bad by Ed J. Pinegar and Richard J. Allen. Articulate, informative tone.

On The Bright SideClarissa Rochelle
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Community Musicals

  • Sweeney Todd - Bird lady, chorus (2019)

  • Sister Act  - "Sister Mary Robert" (2018)

  • Mary Poppins  - "Miss Smythe", "Fannie", tap-dancing chimney sweep, Raggedy Ann doll (2016)

Collegiate Musicals (Brigham Young University-Idaho)

  • Children of Eden  - "Eve" (2010)

  • Pioneer Song  - "Tessie"; reading of Theatre professor's original work at Dramatist's Guild in New York City (2011)

High School Plays

  • High School Musical spoof - "Gabriella" (2008)

  • The Sting - "Billie" (2008)

  • Alice and Wonderland  - "Tweedledum" (2008)

  • A Monster Ate My Homework  - "Mildred" (2004)




  • Film extra and photo double for lead actress in modern adaptation of Little Women (2017)

  • Extra in music video with Alex Boye and Carmen Rasmussen - "Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?" (2012)