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You Know You're A Mom When....

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Your idea of a break is being able to pee or shower alone.

You say "I need to go potty" in an adult conversation.

You forget how to talk when out with friends, because you've been speaking in sappy-sweet, high-cooing baby language all day.

Taking a nap is an unheard-of luxury.

You sneakily hide in the pantry to eat a couple Oreos, because sometimes you just need to escape from your hovering kids, who want everything you have.

You celebrate freedom with a quiet victory dance once all the kids are in bed.

You can quote lines from Disney movies like nobody's business, and know all of the songs by heart.

Venturing to Wal-Mart with all of the kids is a major feat. So is coming out of the store without having at least one tantrum.

Your kids are already done eating their dinner before you've even taken a bite, because you're always the last one to sit down.

You smell like baby spit-up and look like you haven't slept in years.

Your hands feel like sandpaper from washing them all the time (between changing diapers, cleaning up spills, fixing dinner, and doing dishes).

You can't remember what your carpet looks like because it's always covered in toys and heaps of laundry to be folded.

You're almost more excited than your kids, to see their reaction when they open their Christmas or birthday presents.

You feel like you found a part of you that you didn't realize was missing--a deep love unlike anything you've ever known.

Can you relate? "You know you're a mom when _____." Please share in the comments!


Speaking of motherhood....

If you've read my post "Coping with Miscarriage," you'll know that I experienced two miscarriages last year. Well, I'm excited to announce....

"After every storm there is a rainbow of hope." 🌈 #doublerainbowbaby

Didn't get the best ultrasound pictures with how he was positioned, but is so amazing! The baby looks healthy and right on track! On the charts the technician showed us, he was right in the middle/average with growth and everything. Strong heartbeat and very active.

Gender Reveal

My husband and I just went to my ultrasound and then shared the news with our kids through this volcano experiment. My due date is June 28th. Half way there!

We're so excited!

Want to know more about parenting? Then check out my post, "Parenting 101: Basic Tips You Must Know," and this book I recommend.

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